ERP and CRM Software Solution

At SAMB INFO, we offer best-in-class enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management services that are always associated with your organization’s goals.


We offer the below ERP & CRM Software Solution

ERP Software Solution

We are the most reliable ERP software development company. ERP system, which stands for Enterprise-Resource Planning, is necessary for every company to take care of all aspect of a business. It’s a master of all! But the main issue is that ERPs sometimes prove to be complex and costly due to a cost of the system, hardware and consulting charges. In such circumstances, web-based ERP solution costs you fewer bucks to implement and maintain.

So, if you are looking for ERP software Development Company which can help you build a comprehensive enterprise solution, we are the ones you want to approach!

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ERP can be customized and extended as per your organizational needs.

Advantages of ERP
  • Centralization of business data
  • Comprehensive enterprise view
  • Improve quality and efficiency of business
  • Supports Management in decision making
  • Adaptive to changes in the company
  • Data Security
  • Collaboration
  • Multi-tasking

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CRM software development

We are the most reliable CRM software development company. CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software is the system, which allows any business to keep records of all the customers at one central location, which is available to the entire company.

SAMB INFO has the special skill set required to develop hosted CRM applications using SaaS, SOA and Web 2.0/RIA technologies like AJAX and desktop applications. It can also integrate the custom CRM software with clients other business software/applications to get unified/combined communication across the organization, single or multi-location.

SAMB INFO designs and develops CRM software taking consideration of your business requirements, goals and will design the appropriate technology solution. To provide clients best of the breed we have a team to convert your requirements into successful CRM software solutions.

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CRM can be customized and extended as per your organizational needs.

Benefits of CRM Solutions
  • CRM can track client activity at each endpoint.
  • CRM tracks client’s Purchase and Sales habit.
  • CRM can generate and record the history of Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Invoices.
  • CRM helps to produce sales forecasts based on Client Feedback and Communication.
  • CRM simply identifies the target audience for products, based on their purchase history.

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