Cloud computing

Cloud Computing has changed the way IT industry performs the task. The Cloud Computing allows an industry to perform the various task under a single platform optimized to work with an extended set of applications. It allows an organization to keep a huge amount of data without having the need to keep any on-premise hardware or buying costly software to perform the task. The business of any size can leverage the cloud services to enlarge their business. The Cloud computing ensures uninterrupted services for your business even in real-time.


We offer the below Cloud Computing Services

Public Cloud

A public cloud is basically the internet. Service providers use the internet to make resources, such as applications (also known as Software-as-a-service) and storage, available to the general public, or on a ‘public cloud.

For users, these types of clouds will offer the best economies of scale, are cheap to set-up because hardware, application and bandwidth costs are covered by the provider.  It’s a pay-per-usage model and the only costs suffered are based on the capacity that is used.

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Private Cloud

Private clouds are data centre architectures owned by a single company that provides flexibility, scalability, provisioning, and monitoring. The goal of a private cloud is not sold “as-a-service” offerings to external customers but instead to gain the benefits of cloud architecture without giving up the control of maintaining your own data centre.

Private clouds can be costly with typically modest economies of scale. This is usually not an option for the average Small-to-Medium sized business and is most normally put to use by large enterprises. Private clouds are determined by concerns about security and compliance and keeping assets within the firewall.

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Hosted Cloud

You are tired of managing your servers? Let our hosting experts manage the IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business. With SAMB INFO’s Hosted Cloud solutions, benefit from dedicated Hosting, with excellent support services. We manage the servers (physical and virtual), the OS, and our software; you just use it in SaaS mode with a dedicated secured connection. You benefit from first-class support services, together with optional consultancy, custom integrations and developments.

You can also use Hybrid Cloud Hosting, connecting your own dedicated servers, whatever their network locations and configurations and at the same time add Cloud resources. More, faultlessly achieve Elasticity with On-Demand provisioning of resources to maintain QoS under spikes.

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